At Total Pain Solutions,
we understand.

Whether you suffer from long-term chronic pain or are dealing with a short-term condition, your pain is personal. To those around you it is invisible and may be easily forgotten, but to you it is a very real and constant interruption in your quality of life.

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Total Pain Solutions specializes in effectively treating acute, chronic, and degenerative pain across a wide array of specialties. In fact, we pioneered the solutions for treating pain through compounding pharmacy and have helped almost a million patients just like you find relief.

Pain medications taken orally can help in treating pain. However, many patients then suffer from adverse side effects, conflictions with other medications, and the risk of end-organ toxicity.

Total Pain Solutions works with physicians to formulate a custom pain solution for each individual patient by taking into account age, root cause of pain, allergies, other medications, and more. We then develop a unique formulation that is delivered directly to the affected part of the body through a transdermal cream.

The transdermal method allows pain receptors to be targeted and improves response to the powerful medications included in your customized pain prescription. Because the medication is being absorbed through the skin, patients experience a significant reduction or even elimination of adverse reactions, abuse potential, and gastrointestinal interactions that are often the result of sending medications through the body's systems and organs.

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