The TPS Story

Total Pain Solutions was founded in June of 2006, when childhood friends Brion Bowman and Grady Phillips pioneered an exciting alternative to systematic addictive drugs for pain. As long-time veterans of the medical industry, they have witnessed first-hand the devastation of people's lives who struggle with pain and the pain drug epidemic that is sweeping our nation. Total Pain Solutions was created to help those who have acute, chronic, or degenerative pain avoid the side effects of typical pain drugs, conflictions with other medications, and the risk of end-organ toxicity.

Initially, Total Pain Solutions worked primarily with sports injury and orthopedic specialists. However, since then they have expanded to include multiple areas of specialties including podiatry, pain management, neurology, and more.

Since its founding, Total Pain Solutions has helped almost one million people find relief from their pain and get back to the business of living. The Total Pain Solutions team continues to be passionate about making a difference in the lives of people as they work with physicians and patients from across the country.